Our Vision

visionWe Assentians visualise us to be an integrated leader in the pharmaceutical industry across India and the world delivering unsurpassed quality as well as innovative healthcare solutions to people. With a dream of being among the top-players of the industry by 2020, Assentus is literally here to partner with medical world to help people cure the ailing ones.


With a staunch belief in “CCS – Complete Customer Satisfaction”, Assentus is all set to change the age old approach of people towards medicinal therapies and treatment. We are here to break the barriers and be a reachable partner for a common man.


As a company, as a professional peer group, we completely believe in one fact that the purpose of any business is to ensure the well-being of all people involved and the greater society. One philosophy that Assentians follow is to inspire people around to help achieve true excellence in curing people with complete care and affection.


The intrinsic value of each and every Assentians is ‘complete customer satisfaction’ and compassion with the patients. We strive to achieve a position in the industry where every person would relate to Assentus not only as a dependable partner of the medical practitioners and patients but also as a companion of all. Being a child in this pharmaceutical industry, we are all geared up to make the complicated healthcare world to a simple friendly reality.

Our Responsibility


“Care to Cure”

We are unequivocally committed to this cause of excellence in pharmaceutical industry. We believe in what we say and that is ‘Care to Cure’. We take it as our one prime responsibility to help one ailing person recover with our complete care and support. Through our business activities, we are here to make better quality effective medicines at affordable price.

We follow strict guidelines and have set stringent parameters to benchmark our performance and always measure the return in terms of complete customer satisfaction and welfare to the broader society. We also believe in complete satisfaction of our stakeholders because of whom we are standing together as an organization.

Consorting everyone in all that we achieve, we promise be the most tangible identity in the pharmaceutical industry.